Enthusiasm is such an important piece of the success of a small business, and that is very true for your Social Media efforts.  I was in a class last week that was focused on marketing with Facebook and Social Media. The instructor mentioned the importance of feeding the dog.  He was referring to the on-going task of keeping Social Media content fresh. That can be a challenge for small business, owners are pulled in so many direction.

After you have taken the time to understand the customer you’re trying to reach with Social Media, and which Social Media to use to achieve that goal (you Social Marketing Strategy), there are some great tools that use your blog to re-post content to Social Media.

The services continuously scans your content feeds for updates and when there is a new entries, they share that across your social networks.  Below are few of the companies that offer the service:

Setting one of those services up might take a bit of time and money, but you can write a blog (RSS) and it can be used to re-post content to the social media channels you are using.  That will save you time, which will result in saving you money (and your peace) too.