turqmeI believe Marketing can be fun. The good news is I love to have fun!

I spent years working in Marketing for a large corporation, more recently I have worked for a startup eCommerce business and helped them greatly expand their influence and gross income.

Being the only employee in the marketing department for the eCommerce small business  taught me many things. An unforeseen discovery was the heightened  passion in small business and how much I enjoyed sharing that passion. The passion of the suppliers for their products, which many of them had created. The passion of the owners, staying up all hours to manage their business. The passion of the employees, cheering for the business.

It was then  I realized, I want to help  more small businesses succeed. I want to take what I have learned and help dreamers achieve their goals.

I, of course bring my own —years of experience to the table but as providence would have it, I am also able to contract with two of the most talented people I worked with while at Intel. One was my “go to” person for great content and the other was the copywriter for the Website I worked on as a Web Solution Manger. Now, you will be able to have them work for you too.