Website Creation and Design

Simple –  Basic website creation using WordPress  (5 pages with no or very little photo-sizing)

Medium Complex Websites Using WordPress (more than 5 pages, sizing 10 images and NO ecommerce)

Complex Websites Using WordPress (many pages, sizing more than 10 images and ecommerce)
$350 – $500

Content Creation, Logo Creation, and Graphic Creation

$40 an hour

Content Editing
$40 an hour

Ongoing Services

$40 an hour, services include:

  • Keeping Social Media fresh (usually about an hour a month)
  • Updates and changes to your present website (my goal is to teach you how to update your site, but I am always here for you)

See this informative Sacramento Business Journal article,  What it takes to build your business website.

Pricing is an estimate, actual pricing may vary based on jobs and individual needs.

Cost above do not include domain and hosting. Hosting and domain cost are about $61 to $157 a year. There are many services available. I use GoDaddy.

Also, you may want to purchase a premium WordPress theme, they range in costs starting around $45 with a bit extra for yearly theme support from the company. More information is below.

Cost Outside of Service